Graewalls Bette Davis

BIS Ch. Graewall's Bette Davis with her owner/breeder, Patricia Dunn

What color will my puppies be?   Check out this link at VetGen to find out!

Links to Other Clubs

St. Hubert Kennel Club (all breed dog club, New London Co. CT)

Providence County Kennel Club (an all breed club in Rhode Island)
The Labrador Retriever Club (parent club of the Breed)
National Labrador Retriever Club
Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac
Mid Jersey Labrador Retriever Club
Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club
Labrador Retriever Club of the Pioneer Valley
Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston

Rescue and Adoption

See links on Puppy Listing page for Rescue Groups

Oxygen Mask Donations - For your local Fire Companies

Before you buy, Puppy Buyer Info
Tick Encounter Resource Center
Guiding Eyes for the Blind 
Guiding Eyes Canine Development Center
Guide Dog Foundation
Canine Companions for Independence
Working Dog Cyberzine
New/Prospective Owners Information - Dog Show Information   
Questions Breeders Ask Puppy Buyers

Nationwide Organizations
National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
Labrador Lifeline
Senior Canine Rescue Society

Whelp Wise a Uterine Contraction Monitoring Service
Medical Reference
Explanation of PRA Testing ****
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
Canine Eye Registry Foundation 
Optigen List of Normal and Carrier Labradors
Hip Dysplasia Informational Links 
Elbow and Hip Dysplasia Resources 
Hip Dysplasia Article
Canine Herpes Article
Canine Brucellosis Article
Canine Sports Productions

Clicker Articles 
Basic Training

Karen Pryor;
Gary Wilkes;

Magazines, Books, Shopping
A Digitial Moment Photography
Julie Brown Directory
Adognet: Books
Labrador Quarterly   
Match Show Bulletin
Dog Stamps Plus

Gun Dog Supply
Dogs Afield

Sit Stay Go Out Store

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