Members & Their Dogs

Experts in many "walks of life" help make the PRRLC a super club!

The Pawcatuck River LRC has a very varied membership and all our members contribute their "expertise" in their field of knowledge. We have not just long time breeders, but also Professional Dog Handlers, Vet Techs, Vets, Trainers, AKC Judges but also experts in other walks of life including editors, engineers, sales, those in merchandising, publicity, nurses, teachers, just to name a few of our members occupations. We appreciate all of our members contributions and wish to thank you all for sharing your knowledge to help to continue to make this such a great club in which to belong.


Dr. Wendy

Dr. Wendy, Health Expert

The PRLRC is extremely fortunate to have as a member, Dr. Wendy Ernest.

Wendy or Dr. Wendy as many of our members refer to her, has been contributing to the club newsletter with health help facts and articles of interest.

Dr. Wendy is particular good dealing with breeders. We all know how hard it is to find a veterinarian who has an intererst in this area of dog health. She has been tremendously patient with all our questions. We all appreciate being able to tap into Dr. Wendy's knowledge.

Boomer Go Out

The Famous Anne Hassett- Dog Trainer Extraordinaire!

Anne has the dog population wrapped around her little finger. As any of our members can tell you, Anne does amazing things with not just her own dogs but others' as well. Anne works at Tails U Win, a dog training facility in Manchester, CT.

If you want to learn how to fix those little "problems" or if your dog just needs a little more training, Anne is the person for the job.The PRLRC would like to thank Anne for sharing her training tips with the club.

Anne and Boomer

Anne and Boomer           Photo: Mike Riley

Beauie at SchoolTherapy Dogs - A rewarding job for you and your dog.

Meet Ch. Stonecrest's Beauregard, CD, RN, WC, and Delta Society Pet Partner. Beauregard is owned by Kathy Cipriani who has worked with Beauie to achieve all of his titles on top of getting him certified as a Pet Partner. Beauie and Kathy visit children at a school in Colchester, CT. His weekly visits have helped transition many of the children in his classroom. Beauie has also volunteered at the North Stonington, Wheeler Library Reading Program. He also has made many friends on the Oncology floor at Backus Hospital in Norwich, Ct. Not only do the patients find comfort in his visits but so do the nursing staff and the doctors.  Beauie's housemates Scottie and Punch are taking up the job as well. If you have an interest in working with your dog as a Pet Partner, contact Kathy and she can put you in touch with her group leader.


Cathy M

Thank you, Cashman Computers and Cathy Mason, our Web Coordinator.

Through our member, Cathy Mason and her contacts with Cashman Computer, we have been able to put out the club web site.
We wish to express our apprecation to Cashman Computer for allowing us to "hook up" with them to publish our web site.
Thank you, Cathy for putting together our web site and for maintaining it all these years!
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