Fun Day Photos - May

The club thanks Donna Crompton for organizing this year's Fun Day event.

Nose Work - Donna Crompton

Agility Demo Volunteers: Lee Holstein, Emily Francis, Beth Teixeira, Jean Stauning and Kathy Cipriani

Field Demo was conducted by Anne Hassett, Rally Demo - Gayle Abrams

Canine Good Citizen evaluator,  Marlene Lendrim

Health Clinic Volunteers: Dr. Wendy Ernst and Tiffany Newman

This batch of Fun Day photos were taken by Carol Stevens (if you ordered personal photos from Carol go to her web site -click to contact her).

If you or your dog is in any of these photos and they are not identified, please email Claire so she can put a name next to the images. Thxs!

Fun Day Sandwich Board  Under Construction


Fun Day Volunteers:

Karen Berchard, Lori Riley, Chip Bennet, Margot Marston, Lee Holstein, Natasha Payfer, Gerald Payfer, Tiffany Newman, Wendy Ernst, Anne Hassett, Gail Taber, Gayle Abrams, Marlene Lendrim, Beth Volle, Kathy Cipriani, Cathy Straub Benedict, Louise White, Susan Barrett, Janet Huntley, Julie Quigley Smith, Julie Jussaume, Robin Falman, Joe Falman, Peter Wolcott, Audrey Wolcott, Sally Gordon, Jack Gordan, Diane Wallace, Damon Wallace, Beth Texieria, Emily Francis, Michael Franklin, Shirley Cardello, Carol Stevens, Jean Stauning, Donna Crompton, Claire White-Peterson.

(If you were there and do not see your name on this list, please email Donna or Claire)

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